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Here are the Professionals, ladies and gentlemen.

Come and get to know us.

Lana - Aesthetician + Nail Tech

Lana is the owner and operator of Pinkies Nail Studio. Lana has been certified with the Cosmetology Association for over 18 years and involved with Pinkies Since it opened its doors in 2009. She is a fully licensed aesthetician and can perform gel, shellac, mani +  pedi and waxing services but her main focus is on her love for gel nails.

Janine - Aesthetician

Janine has been a licensed aesthetician for over 13 years. Waxing, brow and lash tinting, manicures, and pedicures are some of the many services she can master but she is our most reccomended technician for her shellac manicures. There's never a bad day at Janine's desk, this woman has the ability to brighten anyone's day! Plus, her work is fabulous!

Beth - Nail tech + Lashologist

Beth turned to the beauty industry at Riverside at a very young age. After approaching Pinkies for her practicum, she was the one and only of many students, that we soon couldn't wait to add to our team. Fully certified and licensed,  Beth can perform, manicures, pedicures, gel nails, gel polish, and eyelash extensions. She also loves conversation and is a very upbeat and happy individual! 


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